Strategic investing, better returns

RF Corval has a hand-picked portfolio of unique properties, strategically selected to deliver superior returns.

Superior choice, superior outcomes

RF Corval is one of Australia’s leading property investors managing a diverse portfolio of unlisted real estate investments on behalf of a broad range of investors, including Australian institutions, family offices, offshore groups as well as both high net worth and retail investors. We have a proven ability to provide investment strategies that create value and generate superior returns for our investors.


RF Corval Property Fund

Offers investors access to a portfolio of high-quality Australia commercial real estate.

Periodically Open

New Openings

New openings become available throughout the year, for a limited time.


Periodically Open

RF Corval Glasshouse Fund

Offers investors access to the development and ownership of hi-tech Australian glasshouse facilities for the sustainable production of quality fresh food produce.

Periodically Open

RF Corval Critical Assets Fund

Offers investors access to properties within Australia that are considered critical within their respective sector or geographic location.

Periodically Open

RF Corval Manufactured Housing Estate Fund

Offers investors access to the development and ownership of a portfolio of Australian Manufactured Housing Estates.

Periodically Open

RF Corval Industrial Infill Trust

Offers investors access to a portfolio of urban infill industrial properties in land constrained locations in the capital cities of Australia.


RF Corval offers standalone, syndicated investment opportunities to wholesale investors.  These investments are offered through simple, closed-ended investment vehicles, comprising of an investment in a single asset of a small portfolio of similar assets. 

RF Corval looks to provide wholesale investors with investment opportunities across the risk spectrum and across property sectors, to enable investors to select investments that meets their portfolio requirements.  Typically only a handful of syndicates are offered each year given our conservative and disciplined approach to investing.


RF Corval works with both domestic and offshore institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds and is able to execute a bespoke investment strategy across the risk-return spectrum to meet each investor’s individual needs.